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The Alert Today, Alive Tomorrow campaign, led by the Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT), focuses on promoting safe driving practices and reducing traffic fatalities in Florida. This initiative raises awareness about traffic safety issues and encourages responsible behaviors on the road, particularly in Miami-Dade and Monroe counties. The campaign aims to decrease distracted driving, boost seatbelt usage, deter impaired driving, and enhance pedestrian and bicycle safety. By employing educational materials, public service announcements, and outreach programs, the campaign educates drivers, passengers, pedestrians, and cyclists. FDOT underscores the importance of staying alert while driving, adhering to traffic laws, and respecting fellow road users to help achieve the overarching goal of reducing traffic crashes and fatalities statewide. The campaign runs annually from July through September.

Summary Reports

Summary Report 2023

Campaign Summary Report 2023 PDF file Language: English Learn More

Video – Alert Today, Alive Tomorrow 2023 Campaign Kick-Off Meeting


Yield to Pedestrians Poster

Yield to Pedestrians Poster Posters PDF Language: English/Spanish/Creole Download (English) Download (Spanish) Download (Creole)


Please see the PSAs below on YouTube as well as links to download in both English and Spanish. Zip file (Video files) Language: English Download (English) Zip file (Video files) PSA

Web banner 2023

Alert Today, Alive Tomorrow Web Banner

Alert Today, Alive Tomorrow Web Banner Web Banner (2023) PDF Language: English Download (English)

Press Release 2023

Alert Today, Alive Tomorrow Press Release 2023 Press Release 2023 PDF Download (English)

Eblast 2

Stop for School Busses - Alert Today, Alive Tomorrow

Safety Doesn’t Happen By Accident E-blast 22.2 PDF Download (English)

Tip Card

Yield to Pedestrians Poster

Alert Today, Alive Tomorrow Tip Cards Tip Cards PDF Language: English/Spanish/Creole Download (English) Download (Spanish) Download (Creole))

Social Media Posts

Alert Today, Alive Tomorrow Social Media Post Social Media Posts 2023 ZIP file Language: English Download (English)

Schedule ATAT

[row][col_half] [/col_half] [col_half] Campaign Schedule 2023 PDF [button size=”large” url=”/resources/alerttoday2023/SCHEDULE/ATAT%202023%20Outreach%20Calendar%20of%20Events_July-September_FINAL%208-18-23_For%20Website-Partners.pdf” href=”_blank”]DOWNLOAD[/button] [/col_half][/row]

Eblast 1

[row][col_half] [/col_half] [col_half] E-blast 22.1 PDF [button size=”large” url=”/resources/alerttoday2023/EBLAST/eblast22.1-ATAT_2023_ENGLISH.pdf” href=”_blank”]DOWNLOAD (English)[/button] [/col_half][/row]


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PSAs 2020 – RRFB and pedestrian hybrid beacons

Please download the PSAs. PSA Because safety doesn’t happen by accident ENGLISH VIDEOS SPANISH VIDEOS Zip file (3 Video files) Language: English | Spanish [button size=”large” url=”/resources/alerttoday/psa/” ]DOWNLOAD (English)[/button] [button size=”large” PSAs 2020 – RRFB and pedestrian hybrid beacons

Rectangular Rapid-Flash Beacon (RRFB)

[row][col_half] [/col_half] [col_half] Brochure: Rectangular Rapid-Flash Beacon (RRFB) PDF Language: English/Spanish [/col_half][/row] [row][col_third] [button size=”large” color=”gray” url=” Brochure_English.pdf” ]DOWNLOAD (English)[/button] [/col_third][col_third] [button size=”large” color=”gray” url=” Brochure_Spanish.pdf” ]DOWNLOAD (Spanish)[/button] [/col_third][col_third] [/col_third][/row]

Florida pedestrian signs, signals & markings

[row][col_half] [/col_half] [col_half] Brochure: “Florida pedestrian signs, signals & markings” PDF [button size=”large” url=”/resources/alerttoday/brochures/Ped_Signs_and_Signals.pdf” ]DOWNLOAD  (English)[/button] [/col_half][/row]

Bike Signs and Signals

[row][col_half] [/col_half] [col_half] Brochure: “Bike Signs and Signals” PDF [button size=”large” url=”/resources/alerttoday/brochures/FINAL_Bike Signs and Signals_Brochure_w.pdf” ]DOWNLOAD  (English)[/button] [/col_half][/row]

Road Diet – Desk Reference – Brochure

[row][col_half] [/col_half] [col_half] Brochure: “Road Diet – Desk Reference” PDF [button size=”large” url=”/resources/alerttoday/brochures/FINAL_ATAT_Road Diet_Desk Reference_w.pdf” ]DOWNLOAD  (English)[/button] [/col_half][/row]

Distracted Pedestrian and Driver

[row][col_half] [/col_half] [col_half] Brochure: “Stop the Talk – What happens when a  distracted driver runs into a distracted pedestrian?” PDF [button size=”large” url=”/resources/alerttoday/brochures/FINAL_ATAT_Distracted_Ped Driver_w.pdf” ]DOWNLOAD  (English)[/button] [/col_half][/row]