On Friday, October 18 at 10 a.m., the Village of Palmetto Bay unveiled its Freebee vehicle which is co-sponsored by FDOT. It is wrapped in promotional material for FDOT’s “Put it Down” campaign. Mayor Karyn Cunningham hosted the unveiling at The Perrine House at Palmetto Bay, 900 SW 97 Ave Palmetto Bay, FL 33157.


  • Karyn Cunningham (Mayor of Palmetto Bay)
  • Lt. Tony Rodriguez, MDPD (Palmetto Bay Policing Unit)
  • Debbie Wanninkhof (“Put it Down Law” Advocate)
  • Mark Merwitzer (His letter was read) (“Put it Down Law” Advocate)
  • Carlos Sarmiento (FDOT District Six)
  • Bryan Jobe (Freebee Transportation Director)

This event was made possible thanks to the partnership with FDOT District Six, the Village of Palmetto Bay and Freebee.

Video on Youtube



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