Target Zero Fatalities & Serious Injuries

Eliminating roadway fatalities is the highest priority of the Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) and our traffic safety partners. We recognize achieving zero fatalities and serious injuries will not be easy and will require commitment, energy, and innovation. We also acknowledge that some policies, procedures, and practices must change; business as usual is not enough and systemic changes are needed to make meaningful progress.


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Community Traffic Safety Team

The ultimate goal of the Community Traffic Safety Team (CTST) is to reduce the number of traffic crashes, the number of traffic-related fatalities, and the number and severity of injuries that result from traffic crashes on the roadways. Through collision data supplied by the law enforcement, emergency services, and medical trauma membership, the teams can identify driving behavior concerns and high collision locations. With this data, the team can establish countermeasures to address the problem.




Teen Driver Fact Sheet [PDF]

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